EEPros Knows – Studies Showing That LED Lights Can Increase Productivity

Did you know that research on LED lighting is pointing to a positive correlation between human-centric lighting – which is the varying of light settings over the course of the day to coincide with our circadian rhythms – and increased happiness and productivity? According to a recent article in LED Magazine, a survey conducted by LED Hut found that 77% of workers said lighting at the job can affect their productivity.

We all react on a psychological level to the type of light we are exposed to at work.

Lights which are adjusted to put out different levels of brightness with “varying spectral content” are best for work and school. The type of lights used – LED, of course – and varying the light output assists with being able to pay better attention to what you’re doing, helping you relax, waking up and more.

The survey also revealed that 31% of people thought that lighting is important when trying to decompress and relax before bedtime. 38% of them expressed that lighting in their bedrooms in the morning directly affected their energy levels.

Now there is evidence in the healthcare sector regarding the positive effect of specially designed LED lights on psych ward and dementia patients. The findings in the workplace also seem to be heading in a very positive direction, although more research needs to be done.

But, basically, better lighting leads to happier workers and happier workers leads to more productive workers. All in all, this is great news for companies and employees. – EEpros knows and now you do too. 🙂